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Co-op Virtual Placement

  • Meet your industry partner

  • Module 1 complete Assignment #1

  • Module 2 complete Assignment #2
  • Module 3 complete Assignment #3

  • Module 4 complete Assignment #4

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Meet Your Industry Partner

Flashpoint Training

Get to know a bit about Flashpoint . Below you will find a links that tell you more about Flashpoint.

Meet your resource lead Erica Limisis

Flashpoint Training - Event Coordinator - Erica Lemisis

Erica will be connecting with you to discuss your project progress each week.

Module 1 & Assignment 1

Your Challenge…

For Assignment One: Create a social media marketing plan to attract students to Flashpoint Training face to face sessions or virtual certifications.

What is the goal

  • For students to be excited to attend a Flashpoint event
  • For students to be motivated to complete their on-line certifications
  • For students to perceive value in Flashpoint events
  • For students to be aware of the Flashpoint name
  • For students to be aware of the different Flashpoint products
  • For more students to be attracted to SHSM because of the opportunities Flashpoint offers

What will the marketing plan include

  • Strategy to gain followers
  • Content that interests students
  • Imagery and media students want to see
  • Role of youth ambassadors
  • Timelines
  • Budget
  • A platform that facilitates the goals above
  • Knowledge requirements
  • Technology requirements
  • A professional presentation including a formal written report and power point (template below)
  • Working collaboratively with your fellow co-op student
  • Use of a template similar to the button below (you may modify or pick your own template)

 Module 2 & Assignment #2

Module 2

The next three modules will allow you to test your marketing plan for potential success. .

Use the PESTL and Porters Five Forces to test your marketing plan.


What external factors are causing the problem? Check out the 6 areas that a PESTEL analysis looks at.

  • Political: Are there any laws, government rules or other legal rules that might impact the marketing plan?
  • Environmental: Is there an impact to the marketing plan due to ethical or sustainable practices?
  • Social: Are there any social factors that impact the customers behaviour, habits, shared beliefs or attitudes and ultimately impact the marketing plan?
  • Technological: Are there any technology changes that might impact the marketing plan?
  • Economic: What impact do economic factors like growth, exchange, or interest rates as well as inflation have on the marketing plan?
  • Legal: Are there any consumer rights, or , advertising standards that might impact or limit the marketing plan?

Module 2


This model identifies and analyzes five areas that determine the competitiveness of the industry and its weaknesses and strengths. Check your answer using the Porters Five Forces analysis.

  • Customer Power: How many students are in SHSM at TDSB? How many are estimated per school and how powerful is their need for the product/service?
  • Threat of New Competition: How hard might it be for a new company to provide the same and what might make it hard. Is the product/service able to have a unique component that distinguishes it from others?
  • Competition Power: Are there many or just a few competitors in this industry? Where is the competition located and what methods do they use to sell, deliver and make the product/service?
  • Social media platform Power: Are there a lot of suppliers they can choose from? Is there any supplier offering unique products or services? Pros and Cons’ of each platform.

Module 3 & Assignment #3

Module 3


For this module test your marketing plan against the internal impacts list below.

Unlike the external environment, the company has control over these factors. Check your solution with the Internal impacts list below

  • Leadership Style – What leadership is required for our marketing plan to work.
  • Employee Strength- What strengths do flashpoint employees require for your marketing plan to work
  • Strategic risks What risks do you see necessary for flashpoint to take in order for our marketing plan to work, what risks should Flashpoint not take.
  • Innovation What technology does flashpoint need to embrace for your marketing plan to work


Test your marketing plan with the SWOT. Does your marketing plan utilize Flashpoint’s strengths and opportunities and strengthen weaknesses and threats

Review your external and internal impacts to develop a SWOT. A SWOT looks at internal strengths and weaknesses in relation to external opportunities and threats. Check your answer to your sector question using a SWOT analysis.

Strengths: What is great about the Flashpoint experience? What’s great about Flashpoint – what does the company do that the customer likes?

Weaknesses: What about the Flashpoint experience is a problem with current conditions?

Opportunities: What partners does Flashpoint have that make it stronger? Are there any future service/product expansion opportunities that the customer might be interested in?

Threats: What external things are impacting the business? What obstacles are facing the business?

Module 4 & Assignment #4

Module 4

Final Review

  • With this final review Check your marketing plan against the checklist below.


    • Must be able to afford it (cost is limited to a certain dollar amount)
    • Must be completed within 3 months (timing matters)
    • Must be actionable without adding any new employees
    • Must not make any employees want to quit, no longer like the job or create layoffs
    • Will it get them the number of customers they want? ie 30, 300, 3000
    • Does it make their service/product more unique and therefore more competitive
    • Does it result in environmental issues ie. pollution, wasted energy
    • Does it meet government regulations, city or regional by-laws or break any other rules that may exist


  1. Summarize the pros and cons of your chosen to the sector question below.
  2. Conclude by briefly arguing what is the best alternative and why. Include information in your argument from Modules 1-5.

Optional Anonymous Feedback

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