Simple Exercises to Help Combat Eye Strain

I spy with my little eye… rather, I spy with my tired, dry, sore, and blood shot eye…

Remote working, virtual learning, social media, virtual companionship, entertainment… these are just some of the activities we do in a day and they all involve starting at a screen!

With some of these activities such as remote working or learning, stepping away from the screen carries heavy guilt that individuals impose on themselves. However, without stepping away, there is more harm especially with eyestrain!

The World Health Organization identifies the increased health concern and recommends a daily routine of eye exercises. The following are just a few:

Eye Roll
The eye roll not only alleviates eyestrain, but also is a workout for the eye muscles.

  • Sit up straight and look forward with your shoulders relaxed
  • Look to the right and then roll your eyes up toward the sky
  • Roll your eyes down to the left and then to the ground
  • Repeat again in the other direction

The above steps are just one rep. The aim is 10 reps, twice a day. Do not rush this exercise, as it should take over a minute to complete your 10 reps.

Palm Exercise
This activity helps with tired eyes and helps them with relaxation.

  • Start by cupping your hands over the sockets of your closed eyes
  • Stare into the far back of the dark space
  • You will notice that the various residual hues in your vision slowly turn to black

Do this simple exercise for a minimum of 30 seconds. It serves as a reset button for your vision and freshens your eyes.

The Eye Press
This eye exercise also uses your hands to relax your eyes.

  • Put all your fingers on your eyelids and press lightly (Use a bit of gentle pressure on your eyes)
  • Hold them for about 10 seconds
  • Slowly let go of your eyes
  • Keep them open for a couple of seconds as your vision comes back into focus
  • You can blink a bit to help reorient your eyes
  • Then repeat the eye press

Try to do this 10 times for maximum eye relief.

Although these exercises may sound CORNEA, why not try the above and SEE… that was what EYE needed!

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