6 Tips to Help Quell Your Anxiety While Teaching During Covid

Here we are just over a month into the school year and the number of COVID cases are increasing which may play havoc with our anxiety!  Living day to day with anxiety, while teaching during covid, has both mental and physical affects with our health.  So, what can we do to try to stay healthy and balanced, while we teach our students?   How about trying the following either by yourself or within your classroom:

  • Change up the day to have time that is not focused strictly on teaching.   Implement activities every hour to help with soothing the soul.   What about adding activities (where you can still social distance) like stretching exercises, yoga, listening to music, or pool noodle instrumental class?
  • Making sure that you are well nourished.   How many of us skip breakfast or just grab a coffee?  To feel energized and ready to take on whatever obstacles present themselves, you need to nourish both your mind and your body.
  • The tough one for many is ensuring to get the adequate hours of sleep.  If finding difficulty with this as your mind in running 10X the normal thought process, how about trying meditation or relaxation tapes?
  • As we have learned since birth, the body requires oxygen to exist.   Let’s try to remember to take deep breaths as this allows the body, muscles, and the mind to relax.
  • Has anyone heard the song “I am slowly going crazy 1-2-3-4-5-6 switch; crazing going slowly am 6-5-4-3-2-1 switch”?  That song had the right idea.   Counting allows you the distraction to take time away from what is on your mind and allows you to collect yourself and maybe have a different outlook.
  • Communicate, Communicate, Communicate….talk to someone or write your feelings in a journal.   You may gain more insight or gain a new perspective of what is causing that feeling of being overwhelmed. You may also see that you are not the only one that is feeling this way.

…..If we do not take care of ourselves, it is very hard to help others. And showing vulnerability to our students allows them to also be vulnerable and not follow our unhealthy anxiety patterns.

It’s all a matter of perspective as this is not going to be a new normal, but rather a “new now”, where things will continue to shift and change.

With our extensive expertise in change management and experience guiding organizations (and their people through change), we have applied and adapted the building blocks of Bridges’ Transition Model to create this online session that will re-frame these intense emotional responses and filter them to create a foundation of resilience.

We think of ourselves as professional role models for our students and supportive colleagues. That’s why this offering is being released NOW.

We intend to keep an open mind and promote flexibility, adaptability, perseverance, and transparency.  We support Canadian teachers that promote teachers helping teachers, students helping students, teachers helping students, and students helping teachers.

And our goal at Flashpoint is to communicate with students that we are concerned for everyone’s safety and well-being and that we are here to support one another.

To request a quote or book an appointment to discuss The New Now, simply message us.