Applying SMART Goal Setting Techniques

When the calendar turned over to 2021, many of us started the year with the best of intentions, aspirations and resolutions for improving ourselves. As we move into March some of us have failed at maintaining or accomplishing our resolution(s). The best part about the word FAIL: it is our First Attempt In Learning! Did we intentionally make the target out of reach? No, however, we probably did not add substance to that goal setting.

You could try to re-establish your New Year’s Resolutions or make new goals with adding the SMART Technique. When goal setting, you will want to design a goal to encompass the following:

Specific- when creating your goal, try answering the 4 W’s; What, Why, Who, Where.

Measurable- How will I know when it is accomplished?

Achievable- How can I accomplish this goal? Are there any barriers/constraints?

Relevant- Is this goal worthwhile or worth the effort? Is this the right time to be working on this goal?

Timed- When do I want to accomplish this by? Do I need to put several timed steps to achieve this goal?

By adding these elements to your goal, you will know exactly what you are trying to achieve and if you are on target; just make sure that the goal is meaningful as that meaning will motivate and energize you!

So what happens if you apply the SMART process and you don’t succeed? Your goal list should be a living document that changes throughout time. As an example, a goal might have been to travel to Europe last summer. You wouldn’t have been successful based on the pandemic as this was not within your control. Europe can still be your desired goal, however, you will want to revisit the SMART process and adjust the timing.

The best part about attaining your goal is your sense of accomplishment and the heightened desire to undertake another one; each success motivates you to strive for more success! Try to add variety by setting a diverse set of goals i.e. Personal Development, Personal Finance, Personal Legacy, Academic, Health, etc.

Throughout this venture, indulge in the practice of setting and achieving the goals you set out as…Life is a journey and not a destination!

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