Build Relationships…Build Your Organization

When you think of running an organization, many times we think about the tasks that need to be completed like inventory management, bookkeeping, hiring and marketing administration. All of these responsibilities are important to the smooth running of a business, but the key to lasting success in any level of any organization is building relationships. This is especially important as we work through the COVID pandemic. It’s about relationships at any level… with a manager, a co-worker, a supplier or a client. In order for your team to be successful and contribute to building the organization, you must both develop and nurture relationships.

Where we can struggle:

  • Day to Day Interactions: In the current environment, you may or may not be physically in the building. Whether you are at home or on site, we create the habit of going to work and beginning our day with the tasks we are responsible for and assume that’s enough. However, understanding that every interaction is an opportunity for positive movement in your work/life, will help you make every interaction count.
  • Time and Energy: It takes a concerted effort to give relationships the nurturing that is needed. People become complacent when things are going well… and even when things are not going well we simply get used to things being that way. Studies have found that when you feel the people around you genuinely care about your well-being, it is directly related to your level of engagement or the willingness to go the extra mile. A simple thank you, remembering a birthday or making time for a coffee (this also can be virtual) with someone can be all it takes.
  • Some People are harder than others: Some relationships are more difficult to nurture than others. This can be a result of past conflict, communication issues, personality differences, virtual distance or team dynamics. Trying to see the other person’s perspective is an important step in overcoming these barriers. Acknowledging your own role in the difficulties is also a necessary step as a relationship involves two people and both play a role in it’s success. To get clarity, maybe try approaching the situation with a simple “You don’t seem to be yourself today, is there anything I can do to help” is all that is needed.

At the end of the day, you never know when you may need someone’s help, a recommendation, want to make a change or just want a listening ear. Having positive relationships makes you feel good and it only makes sense that when you feel good you are happier at work and more productive, whether the work relationship is in person or virtual. Nurture your good relationships and extend an olive branch to ones that are challenging. The benefits will far outweigh the time and effort invested.

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