Business Jargon, A Front for The Insecure

“Let’s all reach into our “wheel house” and look into our “tool box” and “Segway” to the “hamster wheel” to “piggy back” and “pivot” in many directions so we can “think outside the box” to identify our “pain points.”…. What the **** is this language?

Many of us have years of experience speaking and studying the English language… but is this English or is this a foreign language? Neither… it’s “Business Jargon!”

Ok, so why do corporations use this business jargon? According to the Harvard Business Review, “Insecurity and the desire for status in one’s profession. Research has shown that status brings influence, material benefits and psychological well-being to those who have it, whereas lacking status leaves one vulnerable to misfortune. People often compensate for a lack of status by trying to signal that they have more of it than they actually do. They may conspicuously advertise their accomplishments or highlight their memberships in prestigious groups by using the shared corporate jargon.”

If this is true and it’s all about insecurities, corporations might want to investigate to identify the root cause and focus on improving the culture. “Food for thought” … create a friendly workplace competition and challenge one another to eliminate the business jargon for a set period.  At that point, do a “round table” to discuss what resulted and how it felt. Will employees feel as though they were all on the same “page”?  Increase authenticity? Feel treated like a down-to-earth human?

If you are tired of BS lingo and just want people to feel good about their work, Flashpoint has the most grounded and real approach out there.  Real people.  Real communication.  Real language!

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