What if this year you try something different to find happiness in your work life? What if this year your resolution creates some real, long-lasting traction? We know that statistics show that 95% of New Year’s resolutions are broken by January 15th. Even more discouraging, is that this only applies to those that make resolutions. For many of us, we stop making resolutions because perhaps we’ve failed in the past and we don’t want to disappoint ourselves again. Well, what if this year, you set out to create happiness by finding meaning in your work in a way that increases your chances of success? It’s not just about finding meaning in your work, but finding meaning in your life. When you look for meaning in your work, your whole life wins. When we find a strong meaning in our life, a purpose to our work, then it motivates us to continue to contribute not only at work, but everywhere in our life. Finding this meaning will allow you to rise above the challenges at work and in your life, the things that hold you back to being the best employee and person you can be.

A photo of a woman smiling and hugging her computer at work
Life was designed to give us what we deserve, not necessarily what we need or want. If you’re asking for security, then that may not bring you the meaningful work you are searching for. Prepare yourself to be ready to make the right choices when opportunities and challenges present themselves. Here’s how to take control of your life in the most powerful, important and lasting way:
1. Decide what you want to focus on
If you make a choice to go to work and focus on not liking things that are happening at work, or you don’t like the way certain people treat you at work, then what you focus on will be what you feel. If you focus on the things that you are grateful for, all the amazing things that have happened to you, then those positive things you focus on is what you will feel. It’s all about what you choose to focus on that will lead you to that reality. So, if you want to find meaning in your work, make choices to focus on the things that bring you meaning and you will feel that happiness, find it everywhere and attract more of it to you.
2. Decide what meaning you will give to things
If you focus on what someone does or a situation that happens and you come up with a negative meaning like, ‘they don’t like me’ or ‘they’re trying to take advantage of me’, then this will be the reality. The bottom line is, you get to choose the meaning of anything. If you’re looking for meaning in your work, then look at the things that happen around you in a way that gives a positive meaning. Even when the event or situation is negative, so much growth and good can come of it. Finding meaning in your work can hide underneath every interaction or situation and every thought that you have about it. So, choose a meaning that brings out the positive.
3. Decide on what action you will take
In the end, what you actually ‘do’ is what will determine the meaning in your life. You must to take action in order to have anything to change. That action can be task or activity oriented, like taking on a new project or volunteering for something that brings you joy. Or, it can be changing how you do things, whether it be changing how you are going to look at a situation or sending yourself positive messages or affirmations. Every moment we can make a different choice, so even when you choose something and don’t like the result, you can make another choice that brings you closer to having the things you want in your life. When you change your decisions, you can change your life.

When you do these three things, your opportunities to add meaning to your work and your life are limitless. You may not have control over all the events in your life, but you do have control over these three choices. This year, take the leap with these three choices in mind and watch meaning flow.