Developing Problem Solving Skills with Innovation, Creativity & Entrepreneurship

Students talking about innovation, creativity & entrepreneurship


When you hear the word ICE are you thinking of Vanilla Ice or are you thinking of Canadian winters?

Let’s look at a third way of thinking about this word; Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship.

Even more so during this pandemic, we are seeing that problem solving is every where; home, schools, news, government, etc.! On a personal level, do you ever wonder how to achieve your set goals, why is your mind racing at nights, how can I do something better, or who should I include to help me?

Student taking notes during an innovation, creativity, & entrepreneurship session

With everyday life, we are all problem solving in some way or another. You may not realize it as it organically just happens. As we further our education and start in careers, problem solving is an essential skill that employers look for. Problems can have levels of intertwining issues and so we cannot just rely on the organic expectation. ICE can help with developing your thought process as it incorporates perspectives of others, generating new ideas, and building confidence.

Let’s compare ICE to baking a cake!



– opportunity to explore culture, diversity, responsibility/accountability by understanding different perspectives… this is putting the ingredients together in the bowl.


– this is your opportunity to brainstorm, generate ideas, think outside the box, and being able to connect the innovation with the issue at hand… once you have the ingredients they need to be blended together to attain the best quality; the cake!


– the third step is where you are looking at the suggested ideas and dissecting the probability of the idea’s sustainably, risks and strategies… once you pop it in the oven, you need to determine how long to bake it, when to check on it and when to determine it has reached the perfect outcome!

By working through the stages of Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship, you will reach the desired outcome which will be the ICE’ing on the cake!

The best part about ICE, is it provides the learning opportunity to go back to the drawing board based on trial and error. The more that you practice ICE, the more it will better your “organic” problem solving.

Here at Flashpoint Training we offer asynchronous online ICE certifications across all SHSM sectors. Additionally, we can support this online certification with a LIVE/Synchronous virtual session to enhance the experience for your students. To request a quote or book an appointment to discuss ways in which Flashpoint Training can help you and your students, simply message us.