Module Descriptions

1. Setting the Course

We believe that being a part of the Learn and Lead Program requires a commitment from our Flashpoint Team that starts right from the start. We will develop this session based on your mission, purpose, values, core competencies, code of conduct, and culture statement. This session will be highly interactive and engaging, and will ensure that the team starts on the right footing by sharing consistent messaging, building team cohesion, and creating excitement and momentum.

2. Recognition of Others Value

Our expertise in this area comes from our extensive Human Resource experience in many organizations. Our philosophy of “knowing your team” and serving in a way that is friendly, respectful, and powerfully motivating. This is in complete alignment with the work we did with your Captains which provided an opportunity for you to see a sample of our work in this area.

3. Delivering Constructive Feedback

We have extensive leadership expertise at various levels in this area, both from a development and detailed implementation program perspective. Our team has a depth of experience and has used both GIFT and STAR. As well, our continued leadership approach throughout our sessions provides for honest feedback to participants as well as an opportunity for regular feedback to Flashpoint. Our facilitators are considered one of the best constructive feedback leaders within the HR industry, from Senior Leaders to front line staff.

4. Effective Goal Cascading

Our team has created many communication strategies with a variety and diverse group of teams in various industries. In fact, outcomes as a result of goal setting and the communication required to ensure success are part of every session we provide and critical to meeting client objectives. We have used many forms of communication strategies and customized systems for teams that have a unique approach. Using the Elevate Communication Strategies is part of our toolbox and familiar to our team.

5. Communication

This module relates to difficult conversations, conflict resolution and performance management. Our understanding is that you will be delivering this session, however we offer the opportunity to be present at these sessions to show our full partnership, support, and understanding of the entire program.

6. Teamwork & Trust

The leadership program is based on a highly effective teamwork and trust model that we believe strongly in as a result of our experience, masters in leadership education and philosophy. Our work is founded on executive MBA leadership development education and implementation of such in other organizations.

7. Influencing through Stakeholder Management

We have been developing, implementing, and advising in various topics including workshops and leadership coaching on influencing, negotiation, leadership, customer service, and project management. Stakeholder analysis has been part of our work in various industries and including leading our own business. Again, our facilitators have a wealth of experience in this field.

8. Business Etiquette

This certification will enable participants to explore professional business etiquette in the new millennium. Topics covered will include first impression management, time and resource management, accountability and responsibility components including punctuality and respect, proper use of business communication mediums, such as e-mail and cell phones, as well as image management such as the use of language and dress in the workplace. Participants will learn proper phone etiquette which will encompass preparing for calls, using professional call greetings, appropriate language and voice inflection, as well as questioning and listening skills that support effective phone communication.

9. Self Leadership

This module will enable participants to explore leadership practices and practical applications that identify leadership skills and competencies. Participants will be empowered to recognize their capacity to lead in all areas of life and uncover, deepen, and build on their natural strengths as a leader. Topics covered will include learning how to raise their personal awareness of their strengths and limiting beliefs, learning new ways to work that will create environments where positive things happen, and learn ways to ignite their own and others’ passions so that they are inspired to contribute at their highest potential.

10. Stress Management

Learn what the stress response really is while gaining useful information and simple tips on how to combat stress. Participants are given an opportunity to explore both short yoga and meditation exercises, while understanding the powerful benefits of both in this engaging module.

11. Resiliency

For many participants, the new world they find themselves in can create feelings of stress, confusion, anxiety, fear, sadness, and loneliness. Although there is an increased focus to support students with mental wellness, they can also take their own steps toward mental fitness. This module will empower participants to look at ways to improve their own mental well-being as well as the mental fitness of other students by generating ideas that schools and the education system can further explore.

12. Project Management

This module starts with learning what defines a project and what makes it a part of everyone’s work life, in one form or another. Participants will learn the steps of project management and actually complete a simple project as part of the training. In just minutes, participants understand what project management is about, regardless of the size of the project. Success in the workplace requires you to do multiple tasks and keep them all on track.