FLAME Experiential

Virtual Industry Expert Training

Our FLAME experiential program is a unique and engaging opportunity that connects you virtually with any industry expert while you get to learn a new sector-specific skill.

Choose any industry skill you’re interested in and we’ll pull from our network of partners, current & new, and create an experience your students will LOVE!

Some ideas to get you thinking!

  • Virtual communication in the workplace

  • Sector-specific software

  • Game design

  • Successful exhibiting

  • Lab practices

  • Officiating

  • Emergency preparedness

  • Geographical information systems

  • Makeup application – arts

  • Plant identification

  • Land surveying basics

  • Heritage interpreter

  • Lean manufacturing

  • Social media networking

  • Water/ice safety

  • Statistical process control

  • Counterfeit detection

  • Framing & matting

  • Wrapping & taping – injuries

  • Wilderness first aid

  • Light & sound equipment

  • Mental health preparedness

… and 100s more! Your imagination’s the limit…