It’s OK to be Selfish

The more we get together
Together, together
The more we get together
The happier we’ll be.

For many of us, this traditional children’s folk song has many memories attributed to the socialization that we adopted as children and continued to cultivate as we age.

The world today looks very different, with current expressions being self-isolation and self-distancing. With the mandatory “stay at home order” in place, it really makes us reflect on the term “self” in these new expressions as these words have a connotation that can be associated with a person’s mental health. Believe it or not, the internet can assist you and not just by using social media to communicate with others.

As we are all isolated in our homes, how do we keep ourselves physically and mentally occupied? This is an opportunity to make a list and turn it into assigning and accomplishing one goal per day. With that being said, let’s again focus on the word “self” but add a twist to it.

This is the chance to give our “selves” some very deserving attention! We now have the time to develop and grow our true inner “self.” Is there something that you have been wanting to accomplish but haven’t had the time? What about researching to be a subject matter expert, home improvement, art creation, a new language etc. Access to the internet with search engines and instructional videos guide the way to a wealth of information… it is just as easy as “following the yellow brick road.”

If knowledge is not what you are seeking, what about pampering? Again, take this time to utilize the internet on how to DYI pamper and move yourself into calm and relaxed surroundings. You will be amazed of how you can transport yourself into a different realm!

Do whatever drives you to happiness and peace as this is your time to do what you want to do within the parameters of your home; be selfish as there is nothing more important than your well-being!

Flashpoint Training has a wide range of FLAME Virtual Sessions available for both students and teachers that can help with this self care. We have excellent and engaging speakers who will guide you through new tips and techniques to help you balance stress, build resilience and support your overall mental health. Each session also provides the opportunity to ask questions and engage with the speakers. We at Flashpoint Training feel strongly that offering mental health sessions to students and teachers is just as important as our standard SHSM offerings.

To request a quote or book an appointment to discuss these FLAME Virtual Sessions, simply message us.