Photo of woman with a coaching signJob coaching for youth success is critical to your company’s bottom line. Government programs now define youth as those aged 15-30 years of age and this group faces a number of barriers to success in the workplace that many other workers never faced. High youth employment rates, hitting almost 21% in this area, has impacted their ability to acquire some of the transferable skills employers require. Because of this, some have labelled this group the ‘scarred generation’, will life skills trailing far behind those that allowed previous generations to gain much needed skills.

One of the fundamental skill deficiencies is in the area of business etiquette. This includes the expected behaviours and expectations required in the workplace including treating coworkers and the employer with respect and courtesy. After hiring thousands of youth, we’ve found that communication, punctuality, accepting criticism and professional presentation are some of the largest skill gaps. So, making the wrong hire even at a general minimum wage rate of $11.25 as of October 1, 2015, can be a costly mistake. If an employer invests 10 weeks in training, only to turn around and let them go shortly thereafter, that will cost your organization upwards of $4200. But that’s not the only cost. There are also significant investment losses associated with recruiting, in both time and energy.

Investing in job coaching can help youth bridge their skill gaps and remove the pressure of leaders within the organization who may simply not have the time or skills to coach them in what may be their first work experience. And don’t be fooled into thinking coaching this generation is easy. This new generation has very different values and are the product of differences in social views as well as technological and economic changes. They want to have a significant voice and autonomy, are committed to social responsibility and want time to enjoy relationships and personal interests and activities.

If you need help, there are coaching organizations that specialize in working with youth in the field of job coaching. As well, parents we’ve worked with have found making the investment to help their child on their career path a worthwhile venture. We often spend thousands of dollars on our child’s education, only to see them with lack-luster performance when it comes to the work world. Take the time and resources necessary to make job coaching a part of youth work success, helping to ensure long term success in the workplace.