We are always amazed by the passion and engagement we see with the companies we assist, and the technology industry companies we serve have reinforced the importance of taking care of people as a key ingredient.

Time and time again they have shown us that they invest in the training and development of their employees and their teams, and they continue to thrive and grow in exponential ways providing many jobs, careers and opportunities for people with diverse skills and backgrounds. They are powerhouses in their contribution to local community and national economic growth and development….and they’re right here in our own backyard.

A man standing in front of a multimedia board of technology

Passion for their work
‘Passion for their work’ screams loudly as the culture these organizations wish to develop and sustain in order to drive innovation, engagement and customer service excellence. For many, they take a fun, ‘work hard play hard’ and family-like approach to help attract and retain employees. Dress codes tend to be more casual and environments are home-like with quiet rooms, large kitchens, complimentary food and beverages and sometimes have an open invitation to bring in pets and other home comforts. Compensation is as much about quality of work life as it is about salary and an important focus is on flexible work schedules and accommodating personal preferences for strong-performing employees in order to keep them.

Traditional Tech Industry
Contrary to traditional thinking, not only can these organizations afford to provide their people with these benefits without compromising profits or customers service, but they thrive as a result of it. We believe this is because customers have different expectations than they did 30 years ago, or even 10 years ago. Customers are expecting a customized solution to their problems that requires a business to develop deeper understanding and relationship beyond the basic needs. It requires continuous adaptability and innovation. There is no room for people who want safe, stable work within very structured parameters. People in the tech industry need to be fully engaged and passionate about what they do, so they must invest in their people in order to provide the best service to their clients.
It’s a far cry from what was considered ‘Tech’ back in the 80’s, centered for the most part around the shop-wing of the school and separated from the main disciplines of science, math, art and english. At that time, the people who chose to study tech as their career path were on a journey to what was considered a skilled trade….hands-on people, who preferred ‘doing’ rather than reading or writing. Today we are seeing a marriage of science, math, technology, art and computer sciences. The field of mechatronics is in growth. Many of the people who work in the tech field may have a background in art, computer programming, engineering, computer hardware, math or business. They come from every walk of life, with varied skills and interests. Out of this beautiful marriage, has come some of the best innovation and greatest places to work.

Tremendous Growth and Job Opportunities
These firms have seen so much growth that they struggle to hire staff to fill all their vacancies and can’t meet all their customer requests for service. There are 100’s of vacant tech positions in this area alone and organizations are now working with both elementary and high school students to increase interest and skill. And they hire more in relation to organizational fit and in alignment with their mission, vision and values than they do for skill, so the door is open for anyone to join in. After thirty plus years working in corporate culture we are thrilled to see this change in thinking and hope to see more organizations embrace it.