Fusion Face-to-Face Experiences

What does the Ministry like about Flashpoint programs?

It’s the fact that we give students the opportunity to meet people who work in the occupations, see the workplaces and get highly interactive training sessions all in one. In a nut shell we offer what the Ministry had envisioned for this program. Also from a cost perspective our prices are in alignment with the Ministry’s expectations.

Why would boards purchase sessions collaboratively as opposed to having teachers purchasing them individually?

The reason is that many SHSM programs are too small to arrange for one of our sessions on their own. This means that students miss out on these opportunities. It also simplifies and streamlines the budgeting process for your teachers. We have had boards who have had teachers sign up individually for sessions (which is fine if they have enough students).

How are Flashpoint Training experiences different than other reach ahead experiences?

Our difference is that we include two certifications (yep two) the same day as a reach ahead and networking experience. So in one day your students complete two certifications and get a reach ahead experience with life changing networking opportunities.

What teachers need to do?

Teachers simply sign up the number of students they want to bring to the sessions that have been purchased and arrange to get the students to and from the session. We take care of the enrollment and providing the where and when.

Who takes care of the buses?

Busing is the responsibility of the teachers or boards.

Is Lunch included?

Yes lunch is included in the cost of the event.

Why would teachers want to sign students up for these sessions?

We offer training options that are not always easy to access. We offer experiences that students may not otherwise be able to access and are (if we do say so ourselves) pretty cool. Finally lets face it, SHSM teachers are extremely hard working teachers who are constantly juggling their various commitments. We take care of everything from sign ins, training, tours, talks, certificate presentations, and we’ll even arrange for lunch. It has also been our experience that teachers appreciate the simplified process.

What is the role of the lead or organizer of a collaborative event.

The organizer/teacher would need to ensure that all involved are aware of the sessions and how to sign up. We will provide flyers for your chosen events prior to the session.