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This certification will enable participants to explore professional business etiquette in the new millennium. Topics covered will include first impression management, time and resource management, accountability and responsibility components including punctuality and respect, proper use of business communication mediums, as well as image management such as the use of language and dress in the workplace. Participants will learn proper phone etiquette which will encompass preparing for calls, using professional call greetings, appropriate language and voice inflection as well as questioning and listening skills that support effective phone communication.

This sector-specific certification will enable participants to define and understand the benefits of exceptional customer service. Participants will assess whether they have the traits needed for a customer service mindset. They will also learn to recognize the barriers to great customer service, how to adapt to different customer behaviour styles, and develop a personal action plan to develop their skills.

This session explores the truth about networking. Participants learn the importance of building authentic relationships based on trust to serve others. While exploring the power of networking and building customer-focused relationships, participants will learn and practice networking techniques such as creating a unique value proposition, a 30 second elevator speech, and building on networks from existing contacts. This session reinforces the benefits of strong networks and assists individuals in developing key networking tips required for growth and success.

This certification speaks to barriers that various populations may face as they try to navigate social systems, and challenges participants to consider diversity and assumptions, and encourages participants to ask about inclusion and apply their learning to their work. Participants will review the ‘inter-sectional wheel diagram’ to explain how individuals may face multiple forms of discrimination and factors that contribute to discrimination. They will discuss systemic barriers and how participants can become champions for equity.

No matter where you work or what you do, ergonomics and safe lifting can benefit you, both in the short term and long term. Computers and phones are almost a full-time part of life, yet serious efforts to prevent computer-related injuries have largely been limited to the workplace. Participants will understand proper ergonomics while using technology and what to do to keep and comfortable. Participants will learn the do’s and don’ts’ of keeping healthy through ergonomics and safe lifting.

This certification looks at the meaning of ethics from multiple perspectives and the impact various factors can have on them. Students will identify some of their own ethical situations and will have an understanding of how they may be different depending on various factors. The session will provide real-life scenarios and conflicts students may face, as well as those within the industry. The certification will provide steps to assist in making choices when confronted with an ethical situation.

This sector-specific certification will enable participants to explore leadership practices and practical applications that identify leadership skills and competencies. Participants will be empowered to recognize their capacity to lead in all areas of life and uncover, deepen, and build on their natural strengths as a leader. Topics covered will include learning how to raise their personal awareness of their strengths and limiting beliefs, incorporating new ways to work that will create positive environments, and learning ways to ignite their own and others’ passions and best-selves so that they’re inspired to contribute at their highest potential.

Provides participants with the building blocks for self-love, self-esteem, and self-efficacy through a program developed by an Olympic Gold Medal coach and master in personal leadership. Participants will develop a better understanding of how to improve resilience and coping skills, reduce negative self-image while promoting empathy, improve appreciation and respect for others, reduce negative behaviour, and increase self-efficacy.

Provides participants with the understanding of what allyship can mean to unlock the power of diversity. Allyship is the lifelong process in which people with privilege and power work to develop empathy towards a marginalized group’s challenges. This course addresses how allyship leadership is part of creating a culture in which the marginalized group feels valued, supported, and heard. Participants will learn what it means when work and efforts must be recognized by those you are seeking to ally with, how to unlock the power of diversity, and go beyond inclusiveness. Participants will be taught why allyship is a verb not a label, how to be a personal leader in allyship, and how to build relationships through trust, consistency, and accountability.

This certification pulls on a number of personality tools where participants self-identify traits that they most align with. Participants will work on defining what is most important in their lives and gain clarity about what they truly want to accomplish. Participants will discover their strengths as well as what’s holding them back, in order to increase confidence and assist in overcoming limiting beliefs. Participants build on this knowledge to identify skills that utilize their natural traits to optimal potential and production for the highest outcome of satisfaction and passion in their work.

This sector-specific certification will allow participants to find out why a portfolio is a great way to get noticed and help reach goals. Professional portfolios provide a visual opportunity to share an individual’s work and personality, and can be digital or in hard copy. Participants will learn the inside scoop from experts who know what to include in a portfolio, tips on how to stand out from the crowd, and why creating it over time is the best approach.

This sector-specific certification starts with learning the definition of a project and what makes it a part of everyone’s life, in one form or another. Students will learn the steps of project management and complete a simple project as part of the training. In just minutes, they’ll understand what project management is about, regardless of the size of the project. Participants will grow accustomed to multitasking and time management in order to successfully complete projects.

Meet a Canadian virtual gaming giant who has grown from opening the first North American virtual reality arcade, to opening arcades throughout Canada, the USA, and Costa Rica. They are leaders in the virtual reality world, using it for entertainment, training, education, therapy and a variety of other unique applications. Participants will help them find new ways to use virtual technology and will create innovative services and products.

As Canada’s largest food industry manufacturer, it is a successful leader with sales and distribution centres in Toronto and London, Ontario. A key area of focus continues to be the health, wellness, and safety of their employees, providing training and other support programs to ensure it remains top-of-mind. But it’s not just about the organization’s efforts – employees must be part of the solution. Students will help them find ways to increase employee engagement in problem areas related to workplace wellness, health, and safety

The only Canadian organization dedicated to supporting and educating beauty professionals through educational events, competitions, and on-line/on-demand content. They work with its members to raise the standards of the beauty industry. Students will be a part of their goal to work with industry professionals, owners, distributors, manufacturers, and schools to increase customer awareness of safe work practices and standards.

This organization is a rare Canadian-owned chain of restaurants and bars with 160 locations in Canada and the United States. Participants will learn what makes them stand out, why customers keep going to their restaurants, and what they’ve been doing to keep up with industry changes. Everyone knows it’s challenging to run a restaurant over many years. Participants will help them work on what it will take to get back on their feet after being closed, as their team and customers try to adjust to the change.

Did you know that lacrosse is the fastest-growing high school sport in the nation? Participants will learn about a game that has been around since the 1500’s, and a team that plays in front of  thousands of fans, winning several national lacrosse league championships throughout its franchise history. Participants will understand what makes this sport interesting, including it’s notoriety of being “the fastest game on two feet,” and the combined influences of hockey, soccer, and basketball. Participants will help this national team increase interest in the sport and find a way to engage new audiences.

For many students, the new world they find themselves in can create feelings of stress, confusion, anxiety, fear, sadness, and loneliness. Although there is an increased focus to support students with mental wellness, they can also take their own steps toward mental fitness. This SPE/ICE will empower participants to look at ways to improve their own mental well-being as well as the mental fitness of other students by generating ideas that schools and the education system can further explore.

Students learn what allyship means and how it creates power for unlocking diversity and giving voice to marginalized groups. Leadership through allyship is the lifelong process of creating a culture where marginalized groups feel valued, supported, and heard. Participants will understand the stages beyond inclusiveness and learn how to build relationships through trust, consistency, and accountability. Students will gain the knowledge of how to become a personal leader by starting “brilliant conversations” and what they can do to begin to make change in their own school.

Flashpoint Training Flame Virtual Experiential Training


Synchronous Reach Ahead

Our FLAME Virtual sessions can be used in a variety of ways. We can arrange for a FLAME Virtual session to support your students with their SPARK Online Certifications.One of our knowledgeable Flashpoint facilitators will review the content with the students, clarify any questions that students may have, and then introduce one of our industry experts. These experts will then talk to the students and give specific examples that illustrate real world usage and implementation of the skills being taught.

As well, our FLAME Virtual sessions are a great way for students to earn the Reach Ahead component for their SHSM designation. These Virtual Reach Ahead sessions are about an hour in length to give the speaker the opportunity to chat with you and your students about their education, experience, industry, and career details. Then with the help of a Flashpoint facilitator, the guest speaker will engage with students to answer questions, provide suggestions, and mention various additional resources. If your students have a specific area of interest, please let us know. Our virtual reach ahead sessions are fully customizable thanks to our vast network of professionals across all sectors which means provides a wide range of guest speakers and available topics.

In addition, the FLAME Virtual session can be used as an SHSM Discovery or Introduction session for younger students. If your school is looking to promote a particular SHSM sector, we will provide a guest speaker and a Flashpoint facilitator to host this virtual session. The speaker will provide students with entry level information regarding education and career paths, pros/cons of the industry, and interesting anecdotes that students can use to consider opting into the SHSM program. There will be an opportunity for students to ask questions of the speaker and engage in discussion.

  • Uhh what’s a franchise?
  • Business planning for entrepreneurs.
  • The business behind the healthcare industry.
  • Strategies for conflict resolution.
  • Clients, commerce and corporate: Business 101.
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • The many hats of a small business owner.
  • Launching your small business simply.
  • Using business as a force for good.
  • Working effectively in diverse teams.
  • Diversity in customer service.
  • Communication and presentation skills.
  • Business and marketing operations of a restaurant franchise approaches.

If there is a topic you are interested in, simply let us know and we’ll find an industry speaker and take care of all the details.


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Synchronous & Asynchronous Programs

These asynchronous online training experiences include the 10 essential skills that every employer looks for when they hire. Students need as much support as possible to be ready for the real world of work.

This sector-specific certification will enable participants to explore leadership practices and practical applications that identify leadership skills and competencies. Participants will be empowered to recognize their capacity to lead in all areas of life and uncover, deepen, and build on their natural strengths as a leader. Topics covered will include learning how to raise their personal awareness of their strengths and limiting beliefs, learning to incorporate new ways of work that will create positive environments where positive things happen, and learning ways to ignite their own and others’ passions so that they’re inspired to contribute at their highest potential.

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