Spark online shsm certificationsSPARK Online SHSM Certifications

Online training that works…our five star ratings speak for themselves! five star rating

We hold true to our SHSM mission of helping students find their passion as they move forward in the next phase of their lives with our Spark online learning. Now more than ever before, students need the building blocks of transferable skills. Our online asynchronous training has amazing features to provide the best experience for students. See the list of certifications below

  • Communication
  • Conflict Management
  • Customer Service
  • Effective Networking
  • Equity and Inclusion
  • Ergonomics and Safe Lifting
  • Ethical Considerations
  • Leadership – New advanced options
  • Group Dynamics
  • Personality Inventory
  • Problem Solving
  • Portfolio Development
  • Project Management
  • Proposal and Grant Writing
  • ICE with an Industry Partner


We also offer synchronous Flame sessions on any virtual meeting platform your board uses. These are customized to meet the needs of your students.


We have needs of teachers and students covered…

  • No logins required
  • Tech support provided
  • Certifications are sent automatically to teachers when completed
  • Student confidentiality
  • Amazing student testimonials – see below

To learn more about our offerings and our competitive rates contact Amy at 226-314-2376, 519-993-4714 (cell) or




Communication Ergonomics & Safe lifting Project Management
Leadership Ethical Considerations Personality Inventory
Customer Service Portfolio Development ICE with Industry Partners
Equity & Inclusion

Conflict Resolution

Proposal and Grant Writing
Group Dynamics Effective Networking Problem Solving

More about our Spark Asynchronous Online Learning

  • Youth-centred content – Music, interactive components engaging both subconscious and conscious learning, 8-10 second information bites.
  • Supporting Resources – Links to additional resources and applied work provided for all certifications.
  • Own Pace – On-demand approach with cues to pause the video and allow as much time as needed to complete work.
  • Completion time – 30-60 minutes per certification.
  • No login required – Link connects directly to the training. No app or software is required. The training can be completed on a cell phone or computer.
  • Quiz and feedback – Once the Spark Online certification is completed, students will complete a short quiz (all correct responses provided) and may provide additional feedback on their experience.
  • Certifications – Automatically generated with name, certification, and date of completion, and sent to teacher’s email.


We have extensive experience teaching online courses and are confident in our very unique and effective approach.

Here are some teacher testimonials:

  • Video format is …far better than any online course I’ve taken…” increasing engagement, interest, and completion rates by keeping it simple, clean, and focused.
  • Not the “…typical monotone speaking with slides…” with music & images to keep it upbeat, fun, and engaging. “It was interesting and made me keep watching until the end.”
  • Information is provided in small bite-sized pieces at a comfortable pace, along with the opportunity to pause the video at any time and replay it, “…giving time for students to keep up…and assisting with focus and attention.”

Student testimonials:

  • This was a great learning experience. I really enjoyed it.
  • I loved the music…it really made me think about my actions while learning what it means to be a leader while helping me focus on the content.
  • I really enjoyed the video so much. I love this program so much.
  • Bloody brilliant, the stock videos and music really add to it.
  • It really made me think! It explains the topic very well and engages the viewer during the presentation.”