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At Flashpoint training, we take the stress out of SHSM programming. We take care of your needs so teachers can leave work at work.

Yes, we have ICE/SPE and synchronous options for all sectors, along with our asynchronous options.

Yes, we can provide sessions for a mix of sectors.

Yes, we can create customized experiences of your choosing.  

Click below to learn more about our SPARK SHSM Online, FLAME SHSM Virtual Reach Ahead and Tutorial, CO-OP and CAREERS 10X10, and CO-OP Virtual ISP programs.


Our SHSM- SPARK Online Certifications & ICE/SPE are asynchronous. Students work at their own pace to complete the training.  
  • Current, youth-centered content: Music, videos, 8-10 second information bites.
  • Pause: A student-led approach that provides cues to pause the video and allows as much time as needed to complete the work.
  • Completion time: Between 40-70 minutes.
  • No login required: The link connects directly to the training. No app or software required.
  • Links to additional resources for more information and applied learning.

Select from certifications covering all SHSM sectors:
  • Business Etiquette
  • Communication
  • Conflict Management
  • Customer Service
  • Effective Networking
  • Equity and Inclusion
  • Ergonomics and Safe Lifting
  • Ethical Considerations
  • Group Dynamics
  • Leadership *New advanced options
  • Personality Inventory
  • Portfolio Development
  • Project Management
  • Proposal and Grant Writing
  • ICE by sector with an Industry Partner

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SHSM- FLAME Virtual Sessions are a synchronous/live enriched reach ahead experiences and facilitated Certification tutorials.

REACH AHEAD:  Students will be able to interact in real time with an industry expert on various topics specific to their SHSM industry sector.

Each session is approximately an hour in length and works best with a capacity of 20-22 students.  Our sessions include full tech support and can be done on any board approved virtual platform.

CERTIFICATION TUTORIAL: Pair one of your online certifications with a Flashpoint facilitator. Our facilitator will guide students through the online certification explaining just how easy it is to navigate the page, reviewing important concepts/ideas, answering questions and setting students up for success to complete the certification on their own.

Let us do the leg-work.  All students need to do is login and learn!

Click HERE for more information or to contact Ryan at 226-314-2376 or via email.

Flashpoint Training Flame Virtual Experiential Training

Our asynchronous 10X10 Online Co-op & Careers program

Aligns with the ministry curriculum of SHSM pre-placement

  • This includes ten essential skills that every employer looks for in a new hire. Each of the ten essential skills is aligned with provincial curriculum requirements and may serve more than one purpose including careers, co-op, and SHSM.
  • The skills are broken into modules: Business Etiquette, Communication, Customer Service, Effective Networking, Ethical Considerations, Group Dynamics, Leadership, Personality Inventory, Portfolio Development, and Project Management.
  • All ten modules are youth-focused, highly interactive, and run at the students’ own pace typically ranging from 45 min to an hour each. Students can complete modules in the classroom or independently at home as each module is stand-alone.
  • Sessions include tech support and a certificate of completion is automatically sent to teachers.

Click HERE for more information or to contact Amy at 226-314-2376 or via email.

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We are proud to offer our new Co-op Placement Alternative ISP. This program is sector-specific and is available for all sectors which includes:
  • Full coordination by Flashpoint Training
  • Company-Sector partnerships
  • Virtual company presentations
  • Facilitated discussion
  • Independent Study Projects

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