Teaching in Times of COVID: The New Now

High School Student Wearing a Mask during COVID

COVID teaching, COVID schooling, Social distancing, Self-isolation, N-95 masks ……. phew!  As educators, we know, in the past 6 months we have added these additional words and many more to our personal vocabularies.  As well, who knew that our best friends would be called Zoom and Bongo!

To gain more insight as to how Canadian teachers are feeling, we have had opportunities to talk with some high school teachers about their concerns with returning to the classroom.  This blog is inspired by their opinions and our personal thoughts.

In the province of Ontario, 2020 – 2021 our high school educators and students will undertake a “hybrid education model” with adapted school environments. We are embarking on an experiment in theory, practice, and reality.

With more questions than answers, the teachers we spoke to are concerned with what measures can be taken to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone within educational institutions?

Once protocols are developed and implemented, how will they be mandated, enforced, and sustained?

How do teachers create effective lesson plans for students, as they toggle between in-class and remote learning?

Along with students, teachers are experiencing increased anxiety and uncertainty. The stakes are high, they are preparing to finish their final year (s), and we want to prepare them for the transition to the next stage of their career paths. The reality is that the landscape has changed drastically.

We know students are in limbo with emotions building every day. They are in circumstances of overwhelming self-isolation.  We recognize that teenagers are accustomed to in-person social interaction with their peers, (some at least 5 days a week).   With so many unknowns and self-isolation, students may be dealing with intense anxiety on a daily basis.

Speech Bubble with the word mindset inside

How to Adjust and Make a Mindset Change

Have you heard the saying: “change is inevitable”?  It resonates with each and every one of us, as it certainly represents the current education environment.  So the question we ask is, “How do we support all of the transitions, daily policy/procedural changes, and at the same time keep anxiety at a healthy level?”

It’s been on our minds…. We know that returning to school isn’t going to be the same. It’s time to transition to the new now…born of the need that exists.  We have created a new online course designed to prepare our students for the adjustments they will be experiencing at school. By helping students understand the symptoms of change we direct the conversation about transition, with the goal of helping them accept and support it, rather than resist and oppose it.

It’s all a matter of perspective as this is not going to be a new normal, but rather a “new now”, where things will continue to shift and change.

With our extensive expertise in change management and experience guiding organizations (and their people through change), we have applied and adapted the building blocks of Bridges’ Transition Model to create this online session that will re-frame these intense emotional responses and filter them to create a foundation of resilience.

We think of ourselves as professional role models for our students and supportive colleagues. That’s why this offering is being released NOW.

We intend to keep an open mind and promote flexibility, adaptability, perseverance, and transparency.  We support Canadian teachers that promote teachers helping teachers, students helping students, teachers helping students, and students helping teachers.

And our goal at Flashpoint is to communicate with students that we are concerned for everyone’s safety and well-being and that we are here to support one another.

To request a quote or book an appointment to discuss The New Now, simply message us.