January can be a time of renewal as we take time to think of new possibilities and New Year’s resolutions. Embrace this opportunity. Dream big and allow the positive momentum to take you places you never thought possible.
How do you keep the momentum? It takes five weeks to form a new habit to form, so pushing through those first few weeks is important. When new habits or new ways of thinking occur, neuropathways in your brain become more insulted and allow new habits or thought patterns to become easier to sustain. So here are some tips to help you dream big.

1. Don’t ignore other aspects of your life. Putting all of your effort into a new initiative doesn’t guarantee success. Don’t ignore your emotional well-being, physical wellness, or important relationships. By doing so, it can actually sabotage your success. Without a healthy mind, body and spirit, it can be easier to get frustrated and give up or simply burn out.

2. Don’t let your limiting beliefs about yourself get the best of you. We’ve all had that negative internal dialogue. “I’m not good enough.” “I’m not smart enough.” “I won’t fit in.” “I won’t be liked.” “I can’t do …..”…. just fill in the blank. Use positive visualization to help you channel the power of your thoughts to work for you not against you. For some, it’s called the “fake it till you make it” approach, but you need to take it one step further. Visualize yourself succeeding, conjure up the ‘feelings’ of being successful and finally, act like you’ve already succeeded.

3. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Think about what is really important to you, and remember, whether you fail or succeed at this new challenge, its relevance is insignificant compared to the things that you value. Take some time to think about what matters to you and write it down. Stick to 10 or fewer and prioritize them to help you make better decisions. Keep them posted or visible somewhere you can revisit them easily.

4. Don’t do it all alone. Help keep yourself accountable by telling close friends and family about your goals and asking for support. We know if can be hard to ask for help, but having an accountability system is one of the keys to reaching your goal. Create systems that are already naturally part of your life rather than creating new tasks that can feel cumbersome and easily dropped at the first sign of time restraints. Sometimes getting professional help can also be helpful. For example, life coaches can assist you in reaching your goals by asking powerful questions that help you identify what you really want and the barriers that may be preventing you from success.

Enjoy this amazing time of fresh new starts and don’t be afraid to step into something different. Try a different approach to a problem or simply start something new. If you want change in your life you simply have to be willing to start and do something differently to get a better result. Trying is half the battle. As Gretzky says, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” When will you take your next shot?