Use Technology to Bridge the Physical Distance This Holiday Season

Star light, star bright,
First star I see tonight,
I wish I may, I wish I might,
Have this wish I wish tonight.

At this time of year where families come together, we all wish for the pandemic to be done and for socialization to begin again. We all know that the public health messaging is to stick to our own households, so what can be done in our current environment when the holiday season for some can be filled with sadness, self-reflection, loneliness, and anxiety? We may not be able to physically come together, but what about through technology?

It doesn’t matter your age, it seems that crafts are a hit during the holiday season. Reach out and connect with friends/family and do the craft together while sharing in light hearted conversations, food and drink. Virtual face time can help with the loneliness of self-isolation and platforms such as Google Meet, Zoom, Facebook, Bongo, and many others can provide the opportunity to connect.

How many of us remember caroling? Who in your group chat can sing and who can barely carry a tune… but does it matter?! Bring together a virtual group and call up individuals within a contact list and as soon as they answer… start singing! With this activity there will be many smiles, laughs, and lasting memories created.

What about putting out a challenge? It could be as simple as challenging another family to who can build the biggest snowman or have a gingerbread house making contest. Put a time frame to it and once the sand has gone through the hourglass, each family needs to virtually present their snowman or gingerbread house and describe their masterpiece.

Yes, we are in a time where we cannot physically see one another, but technology allows us to invite others into our homes and to interact as thought we are together. We can still provide comfort and joy to one another as ’tis the season.

From all of us at Flashpoint Training, we wish each of you a restful and safe winter break. Happy Holidays and we can’t wait to hear from you in 2021!

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