Working Through Continuous Change

Do you remember looking through a kaleidoscope and observing all the colours and patterns? The fascination of this instrument is every time there is a change by twisting, it creates a new pattern because of the moving particles.

As with the kaleidoscope, every time there is a change in the workplace, there will be a new organizational design created. Currently, this is emerging with the pandemic as there are constant changes being implemented producing a different workplace pattern. It is easy for someone to say “just be proactive”, however, with the pandemic there was no time to prepare and we didn’t know what this environment was going to look like; in most cases fires are being smothered with reactive actions. So, what are some strategies that can be put in place while

The following is 5 Tips for Communicating with Employees During a Crisis (Harvard Business School):

  1. Communicate frequently- this reduces fear and uncertainty
  2. Provide safe channels for giving feedback- employees must be able to express their concerns to leaders without fear or retribution
  3. Help employees work at home effectively- employees who fell they have what they need to remain productive and successful while working remotely are more likely to be satisfied with their organization’s overall response to the pandemic
  4. Address concerns about job security- leaders need to reassure team members that their employment is secure and if it is not, employees appreciate knowing all they can as soon as possible
  5. Provide a plan for the future- many people are anxious about their own organization’s future and look to leaders for cues

With the above recommended communication tips, this not only improves the employer-employee relations, but may also contribute with decreasing the increased mental health concerns since the start of COVID-19.

Just like the kaleidoscope, whenever there is movement due to change, it creates a different pattern. All the moving particles need to understand the surroundings and how to change accordingly to still produce the needed end result…Communicate, Communicate, Communicate!

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